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Which Athlete Are You?

Tired of being hurt?

Tired of your feet being slower than your mind?

DO YOU GET beat to the ball?

Tired of being knocked off the ball? 


Is your technical ability holding you back?


Can’t get up the mountain if you have to keep going down to the base. 

The shortest road to success is one free from injury, elite level speed, strength and skills. 

Or you could be hampered by injuries and wasting time doing things that aren’t moving you towards your goal. 

Hi, I’m Maria and that quote has been my guiding principle ever since my coach, Anson Dorrance, said it my freshman year.

 It is the way I live my life.

The sooner you realize the goal is not the peak of a journey, but rather ascending bit by bit. Each and every day, week, month and year.

You have to realize that there is no true moment of “making it”. If you get to that point, you’ll lose out on the joy of the process. You’ll lose the grasp of being the best. Anyone who is the best is the best at evaluating, critiquing and refining their craft.

The biggest challenge you may face is understanding that

Working hard is easy.
Training smart is hard. 

Have you spent years on the rollercoaster, like I did? Training hard, getting hurt, being sidelined, rehab, recover, start the cycle over again?

If that’s you, you need to understand this next thing. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are injured you stunt your growth as an athlete.

I train athletes to live on a never ending ascension by helping them understand their bodies, train for their sport and constantly progress.

With 28 years of playing experience and 10+ years of coaching experience, I transform average athletes into dominant All-Stars. Hiring me as your coach allows you the chance to bypass the frequent mistakes youth athletes make and train like a pro.

Even the most established, elite, and successful people in this world, who have “made it”, have coaches.

So why don’t you?

Strength & Speed

Guaranteed improvement through simplified programs. 

Work smarter not harder. 

Weekly quantifiable measurements of progress. 
Fine tuning your individualized program based on your weekly results. 

Injury Reduction

Injury: the garanteed way to stunt your athletic growth.
A duel training approach will now only make you stronger, but bulletproof to injury.

1. Strength through length
Most injuries occur in the end range positions- we ensure your muscles can handle unforseen movements and impacts.
2. Maximizing tendon strength
Minimizing ACL tears by strengthening tendons of the knee.

Soccer Skills

Players who are ambidextrous and ambipedal stand out to college coaches.  We focus on non-dominant development. 
Athletes are more likely to get injured if their foot skills and/or jumping abilities off each leg are imbalanced. 
Game-changing footwork

DNA Soccer Lab

Want everyday training with a sense of accountability and competition?
Here you’ll find daily trainings for technical work, speed, strength, nutrition, and sports psychology. 

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