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Which Athlete Are You?

Which Describes You Better?

  • “I used to be an athlete.”
  • “I wish I could run around and play with my kids.”
  • “Yeah, in my younger days!”
  • My body feels so old.
  • “I’ve let myself go.”
  • I want to be a good example for my family.
  • My body aches just thinking about lifting/running.
  • I’m constantly hurt.
  • “I want to make the next team up.”
  • “I want to earn a college scholarship.”
  • “I want to be the fittest on my team.”
  • “I want to be faster & stronger.”
  • I want to make varsity.
  • I want to be Captain.
  • “I’ve never strength trained before.”
  • “I don’t have time to add strength training in my week.”
  • “I’m constantly injured.”


Can’t get up the mountain if you have to keep going down to the base. 

Hi, I’m Maria and that quote has been my guiding principle ever since my coach, Anson Dorrance, said it my freshman year in college.

It is the way I live my life.

It’s an incredible thing when you understand that “making it” isn’t what it’s all chalked up to be. The journey is truly the best part.

So, everyone rushes.They lose sleep, relationships, and their health to get there only to realize it isn’t satisfying. Winning the championship or being named MVP will never be the end.

Live on this never ending ascension, but do it for the journey. Not the destination.

The second line, “can’t get up the mountain if you have to keep going down to the base”, well…that one is a lesson I learned much later.

It’s one that defy’s “the grind” culture. The push through at all costs.

Well, that’s the mentality that led to 3 surgeries in a 3 year span. Two red-shirt seasons. Steroid injections. PRP treatments. 1600mg Naproxen a day. A partially ruptured plantar fascia. Double patellar tendinosis. More plantar fasciitis and 24/7 pain.

I wish I would have learned that.

Working hard is easy.
Training smart is hard. 

Does this sound familiar? Train hard, get hurt, be sidelined, rehab, recover, start the cycle over again?

If so, you need to understand this next thing. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are injured you stunt your growth as an athlete.

I train athletes to merge the two world’s together. Live on a never ending ascension that avoids the pitfall of starting over.

I’ll help you understand your body, train for your sport, and constantly progress.

With 28 years of playing experience and 10+ years of coaching experience, I don’t just coach you. I teach you…for your sport and for life!

Even the most established, elite, and successful people in this world who have “made it”, have coaches.

So why don’t you?

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