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The Adult Athlete

Have you ever said these words…”I finally feel comfortable in my body!” ?

Or have you said these…”My body doesn’t match the vision I have of myself.” ?

Do you see yourself doing more than your body seems capable of? Your work ethic, your drive, your dedication, your mind. Seems they don’t match? Age is just a number, but your body feels it uses a different numbering system?

Whether it’s the weekly neighborhood runner or the Olympic Gold Medalist, dominant athletes have one thing in common. They are incredibly in tune with their body.

  • They appreciate their body.
  • They take care of it.
  • They put it first.
  • They advocate for it.
  • They treasure it.

Are you that Dominant Athlete?


  • You remind yourself of what you want to change every day — “I wish my legs were smaller.”
  • Constantly feel like you need to do more — Workout 3 hours a day.
  • Are you working out or training — Working out is slaving at the gym to burn calories VS Training is movement around a specific goal.
  • You hit the gym after work because you had an unexpected slice of cake at lunch for Joe’s birthday.
  • You think being mentally tough is pushing through pain or exhaustion when you take 0-1 days of rest per week.

You are probably exercising to fit in the frame diet culture has painted.

It isn’t your fault though. You’ve been fed lies like:

  • “The 10,000 hour rule” that to be an elite there are no days off.
  • “Never skip a Monday.”
  • “Your opponent is training when you are resting.”

No more of these lies. I was caught in them too, for years.

My name is Maria Lubrano and I’ve dealt with these lies. I’ve gone from overtraining with the only result to show for it being exhaustion to the energetic, dominant athlete, fully in tune with her body and I can help you do the same.

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