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All college soccer programs & pro teams are in the gym training these methods at least 2 times a week. 

Top Academy programs are picking it up as well.

But isn’t skills training really the most important thing?

Well… YES… IF you listen to the old school coaches, then skills would be the most important thing.

But the majority of the new generation of highly successful academy players don’t follow the old-fashioned methods. They discovered new ways to get stronger, faster, and most importantly resilient to injury. Which means more playing time every season.

So now it’s your turn… 
Finally… all the training every week will pay off.

  • Become spry and agile, the dominant athlete you know you can be! 
  • Become strong and fit, a well-oiled machine on the pitch!
  • Become bulletproof, no more concern about injury!

This is your one real chance to learn exactly how to become resistant to injury and make higher-level teams without needing to actually add more time to your weekly training schedule. Play with confidence that you are strong, fit, and bulletproof. 

To begin, secure your athlete’s spot by choosing a package below.

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Train With Maria

Learn more about the Get Soccer Fit program.
A 10-week step-by-step strength and conditioning off-season program to keep you healthy and dominating your season! 

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